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    Indesign epub formatting questions

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      I'm new to using InDesign so please excuse my ignorance. I was given the task of converting a textbook written in Microsoft Word into ePub format using ID. The original author did not use any character / paragraph styles when writing the text in MS Word. I was able to retain the italics and bold formatting using the Find/Replace function and replacing them with italic / bold character styles. But:


      1. Is there a trick/method for me to apply a "Body Text" paragraph style to all of the body text? I just want to be able to format all the body text with the color, first-line indents, etc. that I need. There are quite a few tables in the textbook that I would like the formatting to not be applied to. Is the only solution to go in and apply the paragraph style to everything manually?
      2. Also, I guess I'm confused since it's going to be an ePub-format textbook. Do I actually even need to format the body text given that each e-reader is going to present the text in its own way anyway?
      3. Is there a "best practices" document anywhere for making an ePub in Indesign?
      4. My workplace only provides access to ID CS5, so the "Export Tagging" option that I see in some tutorials is not available. What should I be doing instead to compensate for not having that option?


      Thanks so much for any help.