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    Connecting to Exchange

      I am trying to test out the new cfexchange tags in Colldfusion 8 so that I can integrate in with our intranet at some point but am having some difficulty.

      I am just testing by using the tag:

      <cfexchangeconnection action="open" connection="myConn" server="" username="myUsername" password="myPassword" formbasedauthentication="true">

      I keep getting the error, Unable to connect to the Exchange server using HTTP/HTTPS protocol.
      HTTP response code : 302

      Here is what I have currently checked.

      1) I can ping the exchange server from the server that is running Colfusion 8
      2) The Exchange server has "allow" for MS Exchange Server in the "Web service Extension" of IIS
      3) Outlook Web Access is working and is enabled for my user account
      4) Rechecked the ip address of the Exchange Server
      5) tried username/passsword combo that I use for Exchange and OWA and even tried appending username@domainname.local

      Anyone have any ideas to test further



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          splitzer Level 1
          Brain, you'll need to add "protocol" property. I had same problem.

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            voltairesMuse Level 1
            I added the protocol="http" but still received the error:

            Unable to connect to the Exchange server using HTTP/HTTPS protocol.
            HTTP response code : 302

            I tried adding protocol="https" and received:

            SSLHandshakeException when connecting to the Exchange server at using HTTPS protocol.
            The SSL certificate installed on the Exchange server is not found on the ColdFusion server. Ensure that the required certificates are installed in the certificate store of the JVM.

            Any possible ideas for further testing? Am I not able to connect for testing purposes using http protocol? Do I need to connect using https?
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              hi Brian,

              To use HTTPS to access the exchange server, you must Enabling HTTPS access on your ColdFusion server.
              1. Open Outlook Web Access in Internet Explorer and go to File->Properties.
              2. Click the certificates button.
              3. Click the Details tab and the 'Copy To File' button on the tab. Then follow the wizard options to save the certificate.

              To install the certificate, run the following command using keytool.exe, which is in the jre\bin folder:

              keytool.exe -importcert -file <path_to_certificate_file> -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts

              for more details you can see at


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                voltairesMuse Level 1
                I have it working now.

                I had to copy the cacerts file to the Coldfusion8/runtime/jre/lib/security directory. It seems when I was using the keytool it was creating the cacerts file in the wrong dirtectory.

                Thanks to all that replied!

                - Brian
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                  I was trying to follow these instructions, and have 3 .cer files that we use for our

                  Exchange server.


                  I'm trying to install the certificates, I got 1 installed, but when I try the others, I'm getting:

                  Certificate not imported, (mkey) already exists.........


                  But I'm still not able to access the Exchange server.....getting a error that says:

                  Could not login to the Exchange server.

                  Verify the server name, username, and password. Ensure that proper client certificates are installed.

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                    Dave Watts Adobe Community Professional

                    You might have to merge these certificates in a single file. They're just text files, you should be able to do this in Notepad. If I recall correctly, you may need to specify them in the same order as their hierarchy: root, intermediate, specific.


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                      Brynz Level 1

                      This is a 'me too' post.

                      I'm having the same kind of problem described in the original post.

                      I got cfexchangeconnection working between ColdFusion 10 on my PC and the exchange 2010 server.  This involved importing the server's certificate & etc.

                      When the working code was transferred to a server running ColdFusion 9, (and yes I did remember to also import the certificate to the server )

                      I find that the connection no longer works.  I get:


                      Unable to connect to the Exchange server using HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

                      HTTP response code : 302

                      Just to get that far, I had to remove the serverversion attribute which was added with CF10 and not supported in CF9


                      I also tried changing the parameters thusly:(changes in Bold)







                         mailboxname="My Account"



                           formBasedAuthenticationURL="https://mail.mydomain.com/owa/auth/owaauth.dll" />


                      The attributes in BOLD were added from a recommendation I found on another forum, but to no avail....


                      Is there a cfexchangeconnection solution for the combination of CF9 / Exchange 2010 (&& 2013) / HTTPS ?


                      TIA and Cheers,