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    how to rotate objects along a horizontal orbit, facing camera?

    SeanH_bos Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm a bit stuck and none of the searches/tutorials I've found are helping.


      I want to rotate three objects along a circular orbit, horizontally. But I want the objects always facing camera.

      I added the three objects to my comp, added a circle shape layer and rotated it to lay horizontally, then placed each object along the circle shape, rotating it slightly for each new object, then parenting each object to the circle once it was in the right place.

      From there, I added a camera and a null, parented the circle shape to the null, and set keyframes to rotate the null along the Y rotation.


      The result is that the objects indeed rotate along the circular orbit, as I want, but they TURN as they rotate, which is not what I want. I've tried applying "Auto Orient...Orient Toward Camera" and "Orient Along Path", neither of which work. I've applied this to the null, the circle shape, and the objects. They all still turn.


      What am I missing? Here's a screen for some context:

      Using CS5, but have a trial of CS6 if that's helpful


      after effects grab.png