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    Indesign CS6 acting strange at times

    Elizabeth Casteel Level 1

      I am not loving Indesign CS6. Not because of it's functionality but because it acts strangely. When I quit it, sometimes it takes forever to quit and you start wondering if it is going to, sometimes it says it's closed but the tabbed windows still remain in view only grayed out with the beachball spinning. Eventually it goes away but it is disturbing. anyone know why?


      Another thing is that when I change a font size, it will look like it changed but still have the after image of the previous size. Irritating.


      One more, and I've had this problem for all of the last versions since I think cs4. When I try to replace a pdf with a current version, (unless I have restarted my computer since the last time I created it,) it tells me that I don't haver permisson or that file may be in use. I end up going to the pdf and trashing it physically. Not very efficient.


      I know there are 3 issues but I've only had it for a couple of months at best.


      The first issue is the most disturbing.


      Mountain Lion 10.8.2, 8 gb memory, processor 3.06 ghz intel