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    Debug error when changing blending modes


      Hi there,


      I get a Debug Error every time I use 2 Adjustment Layers one above each other, with the following effects applied:

      Adjustment Layer Above:

      - Tint, not keyframed

      - Opacity Blending Mode: Color Dodge

      Adjustment Layer Below:

      - Venetian Blinds, not keyframed

      - Offset, keyframed

      - Turbulent Displace, keyframed

      - Opacity Blending Mode: Normal

      Media layer below:

      - JPG, Canon 60D - 5184x3456 - no effects applied


      The error I get (option to 'Continue', but the program doesn't respond and needs to be closed):

      Premiere Pro Debug Event

      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.



      Premiere CS6_Color Dodge_Error.JPG


      Error in Events panel:

      An input contract violation has occurred!


      I first started to get this error, while working with various media files in 1440x1080/HDV 1080i mode (Sony Z7U native)/29.97fps/1.33 sequence. Trying to understand what it goes wrong, I created a new project and recreated the adjustment layers (AL) with same effects applied - the only thing changed was the JPG added as media under both ALs. Same debug errors every time the blending is changed from normal to any other blending mode. With normal blending on the AL above, everything is fine.


      After further testing, it looks like even with only one AL (no effects) above the JPG, get the same debug error when blending is changed from normal to any other mode.


      Important note: Same layer+effect configuration applied in 1920x1080/ARRI Cinema mode/24fps/1.0 sequence - it works with no debug error. Haven't tried any other editing modes yet.

      Layers, in order from top:

      - AL (Venetian Blinds, Tint, Offset, Turbulent Displace - Color Dodge blending)

      - AL (Venetian Blinds, Tint, Offset, Turbulent Displace - Normal blending)

      - AL (Timecode effect)

      - Title

      - media, MPEG (1440x1080, 29.97 frame rate, 1.3333 pixel aspect ratio)

      - After Effects composition (dynamic link) 1920x1080 - content: media file, MPEG (640x480, 30fps, 1.0 + various titles and effects, including color dodge blending


      I googled for similar error reports, there are none related to Premiere Pro.


      I don't know what else to do, rather than just avoid using this effect configuration.

      Does anyone else had this issue, even in different situations?

      Thank you very much for any feedback.






      HP Z820

      Dual Xeon E5-2643 - driver 6.1.7600.16385

      Dual nVidia Quadro 4000 - driver

      64GB RAM

      SSD 250GB for System

      HDD 3TB for Media


      Software (up to date):

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - Version 6.0.3 (001 (MC: 264587))

      Windows 7 x64 - 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601