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    Eddge graphic novel


      Hi guys,


      I been working on my graphic novel the zend. I got all content and I try to decide flash or edge ?  I think edge, but I came accross problem. I have 7 slides (svg each 560k) and when I prewiev in browser my animation is not smooth. Especially when I use ff or ie9. Google chrome is ok. Animation is very simple(for now, but cost me problems) , there is very few things on time line but still  cracking. Why thins happen? How can i fix that? Im goin to build complex graphic novel but I'm afraid browser compatabillity may be a big problem.



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Pawelkkk-


          Wow, 550k x 7 = over 3.5MB!  It seems like you should try to optimize your graphics a little bit - perhaps you can try with smaller images at first to see if the image size is a factor in the poor performance of your animation.  A second thing we've seen is that sometimes the browsers don't handle slow animations in very smoothly.  This seems to vary from browser to browser.


          Hope this helps inform your optimization process!