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    Premiere Elements 11 - I'm having trouble with pinning video clips in the time line.




      I have a new Premier Elements 11.  I'm working on a video project with a narration track.  Because I have to build annimations in photoshop that go with the narration, I'm not editing in a liner fashion.  When I insert clips earlier on the timeline that the animations, it tends to move the animated clips either up or down the timeline and sometimes it tries to cut my narration.  Is there any way to pin the annimations to a specific time code on the timeline, that will then allow me to insert live action clips inbetween with out having to 're-sycn' the animation to the narration.  In older versions of Premier that I used years ago (and in FCP) it is easy lock tracks.  I know you can not lock an tracks in PE11, but is there some way to pin the video to the narration?


      I also if I have to 're-sync' the annimations to the narration is there a way to select the entier animation (which is on multiple tracks) to move it back to its proper place in relationship to the narration?