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    I need help migrating an existing project from Flash Professional CS6 to Flash Builder 4.6.


      I have followed tutorials...instructions on the web...all I get are unsolvable errors.


      I have a large Air application that compiles fine and works in Flash. However I would like to take advantage of the as3xls api which does not work in Flash Professional (for no reason in particular the internet just tells me it won't work because Flash Professional cannot access some part of the Flex framework).


      So I want to make my project work in Flash Builder. However, when I attempt to reference my document class, flash builder gives me an error telling me the package path com.andrewbefus.ModelMapper no longer works. It does this no matter how I select the folder to reference my document class. If I change the path to nothing...Flash Builder is happy with my document class and unhappy with every other class I have made.


      Then I decided to make a new Flash Builder ActionScript file and simply replace the ModelMapper.as document class that Flash Builder created with my completed ModelMapper.as. After some messing around with paths and directories, I got Flash Builder to be happy with my program structure but then all hell broke loose on almost every single Class outside the Flash Builder framework. One by one I attempted to tell Flash Builder where to go to get my components, fl.motion classes, and my custom classes but Flash Builder refused to recognise them unless I reference the folder containing the files, and then proceeded to tell me that the project path of every single class needed to be changed. I imagine if I spend the rest of my day mucking around with this something else will come up.


      I went looking for a tutorial explaining how to migrate a Flash Professional project over to Flash Builder. The closest thing I could come up with told me to just select my fla. file by going Project<Flash Professional<Create project using Fla file... which worked great except refused to compile my project as a desktop application for no sane reason - giving no option to select my project when I attempted to create a new Run Configuration.


      One frustration after another....