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    showing progress of transfer

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      I have a p2p game. One person runs the server, and everyone connects to
      the server with a client. Players can send images to each other. I want
      the client to recognize when it is being sent an image and show the
      progress of the transfer (standard % complete type of indicator).

      The clients make 2 connections to the server (ie 2 instances of the
      xtra). One is used to send/receive various messages, the other to
      send/receive images. I think I can use this to accomplish what I want.
      Just hoping someone might let me know if I am going down the wrong path.

      My idea is that when one client wants to send an image to the others, it
      notifies the other clients telling them how large the image is. Then it
      periodically uses getNetOutgoingBytes() to see how many bytes are left
      in the outgoing message buffer, so that it can update the client
      (through the other connection) as to the progress.

      Will this work? Thanks.