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    Is there a way to limit this unwanted proliferation of Conditional Build Tags (CBT)?

    JaredHess Level 1

      I have this simple topic with the following sentences marked as online only and a slight tweak to the original marked as print only:

      2-28-2013 4-19-17 PM.jpg


      In my mind, this would be a total of four CBTs:

      An opening and closing tag that bound the online only (green) text.

      An opening and closing tag that bound the print only (red) text.


      Instead, any formatting or other change within each statement results in what seems like the addition of more unnecessary tags.

      The items marked in yellow and red are what we think are not needed:



      Our translators have to reposition all these tags after localizing the text--in all the supported languages, and this seeming unnecessary proliferation of CBTs is creating headaches for them.


      Even if I manually delete the unecessary ones in the HTML pane, when I go to the WYSIWYG mode and back to HMTL they're all back again.

      I doubt it, but I'm wondering if there a way to control this or is this just a bad RH design? Or possibly, is this actually necessary for a reason that I don't understand?