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    Looking to Convert Word Docs to HTML Help


      Hey everyone,


      My company is looking to have me convert a bunch of my user guides that I've created in MS Word 2010 into HTML help.


      Ive used Adobe Robohelp in the past, but found it wasn't very user friendly (at least to me), when it came to importing Word documents and retaining their formatting etc. I also found it was kind of overkill for what I actually needed to do.  Maybe I was using it in the wrong way?


      Basically, I simply need to take existing Word docs, and convert them to HTML help. I'd also like it to be able to create a tree view style table of contents and have a search feature.  If possible, I'd like to actually work within Word.


      I haven't used Robohelp since v8, so maybe it's gotten easier to use?  If so, I will go for the upgrade.


      I'm using MS Office 2010 on a Windows 7 machine.



      Thanks in advance,