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    Delivering .mpg 1024 x 600


      I've been asked to deliver an .mpg in 1024 x 600 to be played on an unspecified media player (photoframe?). The client has provided me .jpegs 1024 x 600 and they need a simple movie made from these images. There is content in them that needs to be legible. I've gone to export from Premiere Pro CS5 and I've chosen MPEG2. My problem is that despite being able to adjust the ratio to 1024 x 600 (square pixels) and selecting the highest quality I can, when I look at the output it doesn't compare to the source and unfortunately this means that the text from these images are not as sharp as the .jpegs that were provided to me. Hope that makes sense. Anyone have any suggestions?


      I've tried matching source attributes and this creates a .mpeg file that can't be played on the client's device.