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    Pre-Loading Configuration File

      Hi Guys,
      I've went thru the thread and noticed some had already asked the following question, yet I didn't see any satisfying answer.

      I'm using mxml components. Some use an external configuration when being initialize (it's external so I can change parameters and not recompile every time).

      Hence - that xml file must be loaded prior to any component.

      Is there a proper way in flex which i can determine the order? Or is there a way in which I can specify to the application to load a configuration file prior to any other action?

      Solutions I've seen here:
      * write it all from scratch using AS3 - sorry, thanks... Not an option :)
      * put your application under another component (like canvas) and load the config file in the main app and only then the canvas:
      Guys - could you find uglier solution? :)
      * use the initialize event : not working.. Since it's threaded - by the time the config file loads... All of the components have been loaded too.

      So, I'd be so happy if someone here would start his answer with: "So easy man... So simple... just do this... and that... :)".

      Crossing fingures :)
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