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    After updating to Flash version 11.6.602.171 - can no longer play any embedded videos..and worse


      To begin with, I'm running a clean AMD 64 Bit Windows 7 System.  Never any problems with any of my video playing scenarios - until now - with this version 11.6.602.171.


      After downloading and installing both versions - both for Firefox (other browsers) and IE, none of my browsers can play videos unless they are at their lowest resolution of 240.


      So I used the Adobe Flash Uninstaller and ensured that the last vestages of Flash Player were removed - and reinstalled - all to no avail.


      Then I downloaded the archived version of 10.3 to see if a previous version would work.  But that wouldn't work either.  None of my browsers will play videos now and I'm talking:


      IE 10

      Firefox 19.01

      Avant Browser

      Google Chrome

      Google Chromium

      Commodo Dragon

      Commodo Ice Dragon



      Pale Moon


      None will play the video.


      What you get is the video screen but unless you have a 240 option (lowest resolution), all you get is a green screen.  You hear the talking/music, but there is no picture and all the green screen does is flash.  Here's a JPG of the screen.  If you put your cursor anywhere on the progress meter (arrow) it will show you a small image of what's supposed to be playing (see below), but the screen remains green and flashes while playing.


      Image 1.jpg


      Now here is where it gets interesting.  When I completely uninstall Adobe Flash Player and then go to a You Tube embedded video (on any site), there first appears a screen that tells you that you need a plug-in - but then within seconds (without downloading anything), the movie starts playing normally.


      I then checked my Firewall (Zone Alarm) - turned it off temporarily - that wasn't the problem.  Then checked my latest version of Avast AntiVirus software and temporarily turned it off - that was not the problem either.  The videos still won't work and remain green unless you use the lowest resolution.


      So this new version 11.6.602.171 has become a nightmare - but I'm afraid it messed up my system big time and I don't know what to do to alleviate this.


      Crying HELP!!!!!!!!!!   Is there something I'm overlooking.  I'm now screwed - way to go Adobe for releasing such a faulty software product.


      Ben Herrmann

      North Carolina

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