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    Can't export zxp file with Flash Builder, CSExtensionBuilder

    hehiha Level 1

      Dear all

      I write Create Suite Extension project. I build this project success. It's output swf file.

      I want to export to .zxp file to connect with IA Plugin.

      In my Project. I do these steps:

      1. Select Export => Adoble Creative Suite Extension Builder=>Creative Suite Extension and click "Next" button

      2. Browe Certificate, type password and click "Finish". Have progress panel show and visible.

      But no file in Export Directory.

      My enviroment is:

      1. WinXPSP3
      2. Flash Builder 4.7 trial
      3. CSExtension 2
      4. IIlustrator CS6
      5. Adobe Extension Manager CS6


      What's wrong ?

      Could you have other ideal for me.