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    plz any help ?


      i work in a dubbing company and we purchased a new digital betacam player recorder dvw 2000 machine and instaled it on a mac pro . when capturing a digital beta cassete i faced a problem and noticed that if i stoped capturing after aprox 10 min adobe says no capture frames detected but the file captured is saved in the folder and when i try to import it adibe says unsupportred file type knowing that my hard disk isnt full and have a lot of GB , plz any one can help?

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          No capture frames detected usually means that 1)  That you've reached the end of the tape, or 2) Premiere has encountered a break in the timecode - usually caused when the cameraman reviews a scene but doesn't cue up the incoming material to the previous scene.  Batch capturing - omitting this break  - usually gets around the problem.


          As far as unsupported file type - 'fraid I don't know. If you're capturing through Premiere - using the native codecs - it should work.


          What are your settings?,

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            moudzz Level 1

            thnx for help my settings are the standard one that i used before pal dv , uncompressed 10 bit , black magic capture . for the 1) its nt the end of the tape i tried lots of tapes and the result is the same . if i capture for 5 or 10 min thier is no prob but if it exceeded this time when i stop the capture the mac stops for a while and then the no capture settings defined box appear


            much appreciated

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              Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                It may be something intrinsic with the Mac/ BM combo. I'm not a Mac man.


              Have you tried different BM capture codecs?