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    Reader security warning message on pdf page linking


      Hi All

      I am building, for the 5th year running, an archive of a publications years magazines in pdf format. The pages are linked so that when for example an issue magazine cover is clicked in an index page I have created, it takes the viewer to the appropriate magazine pdf, all of which are stored as seperate files.


      This has worked fine up until the introduction of Adobe Reader XI. Now a security warning message popup is generated every time a link to another page is clicked.


      "This document is trying to access - page.pdf - if you trust this document then choose Allow if not choose Block"


      We can't have this so:


      Option One:  Combine all the pdfs into one file, thus avoiding the problem but making a 400Meg file which may be a little unwealdy to edit


      Option Two: Certify all the pages with a third party validated digital signature.


      Question does any know if the Option Two will solve the problem?


      I have aqured a test certificate from GlobalSign but it is maked as a test certificate and not to be trusted (not sure what the point of it is then!) and this does not work.


      We don't want to pay $400 only to find that this does not solve the problem.