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    Automatically sending forms to a specific email



      I am assuming there is already a way to do this. If i have created a form for online PDF. When a user has filled it in and they need to email it to me. Can i have specified automatically to recognise the form should be sent to my email address?




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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          When you create a form in FormsCentral you can set up the option to recieve email notifications (with the option to include the responses in the email).  You can save/distribute the form as a PDF and when the user clicks the "Submit" button the data is collected in FormsCentral and the notification is sent to you. 


          If you wanted to have the actual PDF emailed to you that is not currently supported using the FormsCentral data collection PDF but you could create the form in FormsCentral and save a PDF that is not enabled to collect data (from the Design Tab clicking "File - Save as PDF form" will save a PDF without the Submit button) you could then modify the PDF in Acrobat adding your own Submit button that would email the PDF back to you.