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    Exporting File


      I know how to export the file so that it can be saved as a PDF, but when i do export it after locking all layers, and doing display performance as high quality, the exported picture is still blurry


      How do I get the exported file as clear as the picture in indesign?

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          PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

          Depends on the joboptions that you're using when exporting to PDF. Have you used any downsampling of images in the compression panel of PDF export window. Please post a screenshot of the compression panel.

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            WLel Level 1

            I am not on the computer right this second - I am at work, and it is in the computer lab, but.....

            someone said something about packaging or zipping becuase it could not find the pictures in which I had placed in from photoshop

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              PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

              If you're trying to export to PDF with the missing links, then exported PDF will display scrap images or proxy images that InDesign quicksaved as cache during the last save operation within the InDesign file. Hence, before exporting, you may want to make sure that the images were relinked correctly. Packaged documents when expanded and imported will not have links automatically relinked. You'll have to manually re-link and save the file before exporting to PDF. It is possible that you may have forgotten to include links when packaging the InDesign file when you handed the packaged file to your client.

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                WLel Level 1

                ok - how do i link the picutre to the file??

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                  PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

                  From the links panel. Open the links panel and then choose all the links and keeping the Alt or Option key pressed double click on the relink button in the links panel to relink all the links from the Links folder within the Package folder that was created when you did a File> Package from InDesign. When packaging from InDesign, please do check the include links and Fonts option for a good package workflow.