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    Creating charts


      hello, I am having problems creating charts from data that is stored in a Datagrid( i have managed to create charts from data that is stored normally)


      The problem arises when i have to populate these charts from data that is being stored into the datagrid


      Somebody has an idea how this has to be done?


      These are the datafields of the datagrid where the values are being inputted form the user.


        <s:GridColumn width="200" dataField="Sequ" headerText="Combinations"></s:GridColumn>

                                              <s:GridColumn dataField="row" headerText="Row"></s:GridColumn>

                                              <s:GridColumn dataField="mach" headerText="Machines"></s:GridColumn>

                                              <s:GridColumn dataField="prod" headerText="Parts Prouduced"></s:GridColumn>

                                              <s:GridColumn dataField="cost" headerText="Cost"></s:GridColumn>

                                <s:GridColumn dataField="lqq" headerText="Avg Parts Waiting in System"></s:GridColumn>

                                              <s:GridColumn dataField="wqq" headerText="Time in queue"></s:GridColumn>




      . What has to be done to put them in the chart such as i want to plot sequ and row


      Thanks for your help