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    Replication between publish1 to publish2 instances to make users available on both instances.

    Jilla Ravinder



      we need to make 2 publish environments with load balancer, if a user register on the website, his details would be stored in CRX only on one publish instance, if the second request goes to other publish instance then there would be a issue as his details would not be available there. this is the reason i want to make the users to be available on both publish instances so that there would not be any issue.


      Could you please help me how to make the users available on both publish instances. we have 2 publish instances, user profile details would be stored in the CRX of one publish instance, i want to make this user profile details to be available in other publish instance also.

      /home/users folder need to be replicated upon node creation or modification between both publish instances.


      Request you to please help me to know if we can replicate users between publish instances directly? or do we need to reverse replicate to author first and replicate to publish.


      another issue if  i replicate to author and then publish1 and publish2 : we have only one author for 3 data centers(3 diff servers) ; if i use reverse replication to autor and replication to publish1 and publish2 then the user informaiton would be replicated to all 3 data centers which is not permitted by the client.  can we directly replicate the users between publish1 to publish2 instances? if yes, please help me.



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