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    UndoManager loses the list of undo/redo commands when TextArea is focused out.

    LucasAlex Level 1

      Good day.

      I'm struggling with the TLF UndoManager. All is well when working only with the text component, but when it loses focus, and then gains it back, i cannot undo/redo anything.

      I've seen someone post a backdoor with

      use namespace mx_internal;
                                    RichEditableText(textArea.textDisplay).clearUndoOnFocusOut = false;

      But it does not help, nor does it give an error.


      Currently implementing my own UndoManager and just silencing the built-in one, but still hoping to make this work and not re-invent the wheel.

      If anyone has encountered this problem, can you please show me the solution?