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    Animation disapears once uploaded to server


      Hi everyone, I have been using animate to add a simple slide reveal to my navigation menu, but I have ran into an issues after uploading the contents of the publish file to my server, the menu parts that were animated have just disappeared from the html page, they are present in the folder but not on the page, iv tried it in ie, firefox and chrome with no luck.


      here is the page so you can have a look http://darkmessiahbases.com/blog/index.html


      The 2nd issue iv got is when I go to preview the page from Animate, all the parts of the menu dont load at the same time, the animated parts load a few ms after the static part of the menu, this reveals the text menu underneath. Also as the bottom of the nav loads and then slides down to reveal the menu text the top 2 menu items are loaded but the bottom 2 take a few ms to load, this issues seems to only happen when the page is initially loaded, if I refresh the page the text all loads at the same time. The delays ruin the effect unfortunatley




      The animated parts of the menu is the bottom and the black box behind the text, both slide down together.


      Any help will be much appreciated! Am not very comfortable with coding, so if I can get Animate to do what I want and avoid javascript or css that would be fantastic!