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    CS6 Pages Not Following Master When Deleting a Page

    Richard Groff Level 1

      This is strange. I'm going through this book making good pages. I lost a page at the end of a chapter and deleted it, which moved the chapter opening page back one. Now, from there on all the running heads on the text pages are off. I have to apply the master page spread again from there to the end of the file. If I delete another page, I have to go through the whole thing again. I'm not using Liquid Layout, but I do Enable Layout Adjustment (as I always do).


      Here are some screenshots:


      1. How the spread should look with the running heads positioned properly.


      1 Good Page.png



      2. How the spread looks if I delete a page before it.


      2 Bad Page.png



      3. The dialogue box that appears when I choose to reapply the master pages.


      3 Dialogue.png



      I'm at a loss. This has never happened in any previous version of InDesign.