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    Is there any way to support MS Word equations directly?


      I use the equation editor in MS Word regularly, and it makes it a PITA to import my word documents into InDesign, since none of the equations transfer over (it's just blank space in InDesign).


      Yes, I can do a workaround by making a PDF from Word, but when you have 20-100 equations per document, in different places, it makes it take longer to use InDesign than it would to hire a scribe and have him write it all out by hand using a quill and inkpot.



      Is there any way to get InDesign to support word documents properly and directly in this regard?  I just want to be able to import it and have it look correct, right out of the box.  I don't care if the equations are editable or not in InDesign - I just want them to be there, look correct, and in proper resolution.


      Is this possible?  Perhaps in CS6?  (I'm using 5.5)