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    CS3 Overlapping graphics flash

    Tim Horchler

      On a Mac. I have placed about 8 graphics on a page and some overlap.  Using Ojects/arrange I have them the way I want.  But the parts that overlap will flash between what is on top and the next picture below.  Back and fourth.  If I zoom in or reset to 100% sometimes this will cause some of the overlapped areas to stop flashing but it is just as likely to start another overlap area to begin flashing.  Certainly not consistant.  I know the graphics are fine and will output fine but as I work on the page the flashing is a pain.


      Second question - all graphics are 300 dpi.  If I zoom in on an area sometimes these graphics appear very clean and correct, but other times they show as pixeled, the clean lines gone.  Again, I know the graphics will output just fine but why do they appear clean at one zoom leval and very bad at some other zoom?  And this is not consistent - at one point the clean look for a specific graphic will show up with the pixel look the next time