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    Win8 automatic update for Flash 11.6.602.171


      Win8 Pro with automatic updates did not install KB2819372 (providing 11.6.602.171) correctly.


      Result was that some flash-source (e.g. youtube) would play normally (metro and desktop!), other sources would not start (facebook, macromedia and adobe test sites that show the version, e.g. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html).

      Also, the HP Solution Center (used to scan on HP devices) would not start, as it did not detect the IE plugin.

      Error message was all alike: no Flash plugin installed, guiding me to the adobe download area (which does not work for Win8/IE10, as the plugin is provided by Win8), or leaving the flash area greyed out / empty.


      After KB2819372 was manually removed and reinstalled via windows update, IE10 behaviour returned back to normal.


      As I did not find any working solution for my problem, I thought I could share my experience.