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      Downloaded, serial # accepted, failure.

      Repeated process 8 times, disabling firewall, enabling Java, created another user, etc etc etc.


      Waited for DVD.  That came and same INSTALL FAILURE.


      Had been on support w/ first series of failures - they had absolutely no idea of a solution.





          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Terrymasters07 which Adobe software are you trying to install?  Which operating system are you using?  Do you receive any particular error messages?  You mentioned you spoke with the support team do you have a case number which myself or another Adobe employee can reference?

            terrymasters07 Level 1


            OS = Win 7 Professional 64 bit

            error message:  installation failed

            nothing else

            log is empty

            the “click for more ...”  sends me to a URL with a link to system requirements which is a page for all Adobe products and minimum config requirements


            my system is i7 quad core, 32 gig RAM


            Adobe support did NOT give me ref# and I haven’t gotten anyone on chat or phone since the original attempt w/ the on-line download


            My thoughts:  had been having update errors w/ Flash, so I un-installed (without cleaning up the registry tentacles) and re-installed Flash – but the re-install was done after the latest CS6 install attempt. No effect


            Had dis-abled Java add on in Foxfire – re-enabled, to no effect


            Took down the firewall  - no effect


            Created a new admin user and tried install with that user log in – no effect


            Disabled Ad blocker – no effect.


            The only other thing I can think of is to remove any and all Adobe registries.  However, doesn’t Adobe put its tentacles elsewhere and not tell anyone?


            Thanks for any suggestions.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Terrymasters07 when you state the log is empty are you checking the following locations:


              Windows 32 bit (XP, Vista, 7): \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\

              Windows 64 bit (XP, Vista, 7): \Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers


              If you are receiving an Installation Failed message then you should be able to locate the applicable log in this location.  Without reviewing the log and identifying the error message it will be difficult to discover the cause of your installation difficulties.  You can find details on how to locate and interpret your log files at Troubleshoot with install logs | CS5, CS5.5, CS6 - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-install-logs-cs5-cs5.html.

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                terrymasters07 Level 1

                02/21/13 18:16:11:109 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 1180 | Deployment file loading failed

                02/21/13 18:18:11:892 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 5244 | Deployment file loading failed

                02/21/13 18:20:06:730 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 7676 | Deployment file loading failed

                02/23/13 12:35:35:256 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 13040 | Deployment file loading failed

                03/01/13 12:52:43:113 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 5652 | Deployment file loading failed

                03/01/13 14:15:27:276 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 3384 | Deployment file loading failed


                This is arcane and / or beyond my capabilities.

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                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                  Is there any actionable error messages?  The current error message could indicate a failure to extract the install payload.  You have tried both download and DVD however so I doubt it is a problem with the installation media.


                  You mentioned that you previously had Flash installed.  Did you utilize the Programs & Features control panel to remove Flash?  What other Adobe Creative software do you currently have installed?

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                    terrymasters07 Level 1

                    No actionable error messages at all. Checked the error log for the other user created per Adobe support suggestion - just the same.


                    Problems with Flash  Win7Pro, fixed with some registry adjustments.


                    On going problem w/ AIR - updates failed for approx last 1 -2 months.


                    Did the uninstall from control panel  - and there were lots of error messages (eg: another version running [even when I checked all prossesses and stopped anything Adobe).


                    Did a successful download / re-install of Flash.   Not successful with AIR - it still loops and never installs.


                    The only other Adobe s/w is Reader.


                    I am beyond frustrated at this point.  I sense that Adobe puts tentacles in the registry and in other hidden little places that screw everything up. 


                    I have not had this bad of an experience with a software stall since 1993 when one expected such problems.  (That was my vent for the day, thanks)

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                      Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                      Terrymasters07 for your difficulties with Adobe AIR I would recommend reviewing Troubleshoot AIR installation | Windows - http://helpx.adobe.com/air/kb/troubleshoot-air-installation-windows.html.


                      For the failure with the Adobe Creative software please run any applicable uninstallers which are still available in the Programs & Features control panel.  Once this is complete then please run the CS Cleaner tool.  You can find details on how to download and use the Cleaner tool at  CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3- http://forums.adobe.com/thread/981369.

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                        terrymasters07 Level 1

                        1.  Nothing listed in control panel to uninstall at this point.

                        2.  downloaded and ran CS Cleaner

                        3.  tried another install

                        4  encountered another failure - same as before


                        In the interim, I tried another machine and installed with no apparent problem.  However, the machine I installed on is a 13" 2gig RAM, low power travel unit.  It is not the machine I use to work and that I need to have CS6 installed and running on.


                        I believe there are errant DLLs or bad registries.   Do you have a list of DLLs or registry cleaning suggestions?


                        The errors from AIR have been replicated ad naseum.  These errors are not unique to me and I can find no solution on the web chatter. 


                        What steps can we take to get the software installed on the proper machine? 


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                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                          Terrymasters07 the Cleaner tool should have removed any additional entries.  At this point I would recommend working directly with our support team.  For the best assistance, I recommend our chat support at http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6.  Our chat representatives can provide a personalized experience to resolve the issue you have described.

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                            terrymasters07 Level 1

                            I've gone down that road and was thoroughly mis-handled.  Chat was a total waste of time  - all they have are their scripts that are cookie cutter and not germane to the issue.  Phone was even more fun:  I did the call back and was put on hold for over an hour before giving up.


                            It is beyond an exercise in frustration.  All that I got was 3 hours wasted and a high level of frustration.


                            If you could give me a file list of DLLs that are placed outside of the program files, it would go a long way toward resolving this problem.


                            A hint:  the  errant DLLs or registries are the same for AIR and for CS6.  Flash is not in the mix. 


                            I am dead in the water with a product I cannot use. 

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                              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                              TerryMasters07 I have sent you a private message.  In regards to your inquiry for a document which contains the locations of the DLLs we do not have such documentation available.