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    GoPro multicam edit.  WHAT IS GOING ON ???


      I’ve been reading everything on this forum I can, and I hope someone can help.

      Footage;              GoPro Hero III Black 1920X1080 (30p-fps) w/ Protune enabled.  Bitrate is 35000kbps.  MP4 format.

                                      Each different clip is 15 seconds in length.

                                      Premiere Pro CS6 6.0.3  Media cache and database files are on separate hhd.

                                      Timeline sequence matches 1 video source. 1920X1080

                                      Each clip is scaled 45% and moved to a corner.

                                      Timeline indicator is yellow.  MPE is enabled.

                                      32gb available, 25 is reserved for CS6.

      PC Specs;             DIY Core i7 3930K running at 4Ghz.

                                      Antivirus is off

                                      OS drive is Samsung 840/256. Read (465) write (312).

                                      Video drives: 2-WD black, 1tb each running in raid 0 w/ onboard Marvell controller enabled.

                                      32gb G.Skill ddr3 1600 XMP ram. 4X8

                                      Quadro 4000GPU w/ 3.11 drivers.

                                      Asus P9X79 Deluxe MB.

      Problem is that the video preview window stutters, hangs, jerks, and in general not smooth.  And this is at 1X playback speed.  Don't even try 2X or 4X.

      It runs like a 386 machine playing HD video.  CS6 does not crash and the system is very stable.


      So; what and where is my bottleneck?  Is it the H264?  Do I need a better RAID system w/ an onboard controller???

      CPU usage is 10-15% usage while the timeline is choking.

      GPU-Z indicates 1% load on the GPU, and memory is 758mb usage.

      Who else out there is having these problems w/ GoPro footage?

      On a side-note, if I render the video using Cineform, the playback is better, but not what I’d expect from this PC.

      I am editing more and more GoPro multicam shoots and I have to find out what’s happening.

      Need help, Harm where are you?

      Thanks everybody.