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    Securing Confidentiality using JavaScript in Acrobat .PDF's.


      Confidentiality is a pertinent issue in my business. I've been using Acrobat .PDF's to maintain exclusivity of use that's applied to my digital documents. My current strategy is to apply a javascript into my .PDF documents that expires the document on a specified date. Meaning, the script forces the document to close.


      I'm growing more concerned about the .PDF format's ability to secure my data. Alternative .PDF readers are being introduced in the market that don't honor Acrobat's attributes for applying additional security scripts. The new MicroSoft 8 operating system comes with a .PDF reader that won't recognize the javascript I apply using Acrobat Professional. What alternative strategies or solutions are available for dealing with these 'ROGUE' alternative .PDF readers? Even suggested strategies for encouraging my customers to install the Acrobat Reader as their default application would be helpful.






      Acrobat Pro 9.5.1 user

      Apple OS 10.4.11