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    .swf & HTML5 : autorun from CD?

    scotia2k4 Level 1

      Hello experts!


      Quick into - for my honours degree Im building an animated/interactive world which will never be for web deployment.

      Ive used flash & AS2 as its delivery platform & would like it to autorun from an HTML5 file - from CD/DVD (or SD card)



      It takes around a minute or so to load on my tutors machine & obviously she has to double click the HTML file & then wait until the main stuff starts.

      Tonight I tried to create a preloader (as you would for a website) because Id like to add a few quotes to that blank white space while the rest loads (over 60MB) & have hit some problems -


      So, questions -


      If its never for web, do I create a preloader & if so, how do I explain to Flash that download is irrelevent? The minute I add a simple preloader its throwing up the "script you have is causing to run slowly abort yes/no" etc error -

      Im thinking a projector file is the answer but have never done this, or created an auto run type thing...


      I wanted a "preloader" - ie, intro so that I can add those couple of quotations before the main stuff begins...


      All help so gratefully received!



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this is going to be a locally run file then you should not need a preloader nor should it take very long to start.  Chances are you need to work on the design/coding of the file if you are getting a minute of delay for it to start.


          You shoul dnot need an html file to play it.


          You should probably create a projector file so that there is no issue with anyone needing the Flash Player.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            you won't use any code to "preload" your assets.  that wouldn't help.


            you can use code or the timeline to delay the start of your assets loading until after your quotes have been presented.

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