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    How to make a interactive colouring page in Edge Animate?




      For a University project, I have the task of creating a kids' colouring book. It'll contain some other pages than just colouring, but my lecturer suggested Edge Animate to me. It's for an iPad e-book so it can't contain any flash as flash doesn't work on mobile devices.


      I've seen this on these forums...


      It's basically like this something that i'd like to create... http://www.meschrene.puremadnessproductions.net/Samples/Color-Page/Flower.html (which user

      ♥Schrene posted).


      Are there any step-by-step guides or tutorials on how to do this please? I'll draw the outline, with colouring tools needed.


      I downloaded Edge Animate for FREE via my Adobe ID and have the student CS5 creative suite.


      Any help would be very greately appreciated thank you!