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    Login switcheroo

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      A lot of people are probably baffled why their Photoshop.com login credentials don't work now. The answer is, Adobe arbitrarily decided to require Adobe ID login credentials instead of the separate set of Photoshop.com credentials people were required to submit to establish their Photoshop.com accounts. No announcement is posted informing people of this arbitrary and baffling switch.Many people probably use password managers, and don't necessarily remember which set of credentials they created for each and every site.So, along comes a major curve ball which of course strikes out the password manager, and people spend15 or more minutes trying to figure out why they are being told their password credentials are wrong.They are wrong because somebody at Adobe decided to change the password rules without telling the customers.I am aware of the problem because I created my Photoshop.com account just a couple weeks ago,and I know that I was not allowed to simply use my existing Adobe ID. I was required to invent a newset specifically for Photoshop.com Suddenly, two weeks later, my password no longer works and I have to figure out why.Why am I now being told to use an Adobe ID password, when I was required NOT to use an Adobe ID password when I created the Photoshop.com account? Multiply the time I spent figuring this out and redoing my login credentials, by all the thousands of other people going through the same password gauntlet, and you being to have a measure of Adobe's disregard for the customers and their cheap valuation of everyone else's time. Maintaining password consistency is so basic to running a website, you wonder how a dominant Internet corporation like Adobe could mess it up so badly, apparently with zero reflection or consideration for the customers it has subjected to aggravation. It is hard enough for people to keep track of the hundreds of login credentials they are required to invent, without having companies arbitrarily change the login parameters without telling their customers what they are doing.

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          Photoshop.com has used Adobe IDs for login credentials for quite some time. Adobe has not made any changes in that area recently.

          It sounds like you may have created a new account when you went in to Photoshop.com at some point rather than using your Adobe ID. Generally people use their Adobe ID for both.


          Because of the transition to Revel, it not possible to create a new Photoshop.com user account anymore.


          If I am missing something, here, please let me know.



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            As I stated in my original post, when I opened a Photoshop.com account, the first thing I tried to use was my already-existing Adobe ID -- and the site repeatedly rejected any attempt to use the Adobe ID. I concluded that the Photoshop.com site required a separate login unique to Photoshop.com. That's what I provided, and that was the only way I could successfully establish a Photoshop.com account.


            While writing this reply, I have just gone and checked again.


            My Adobe ID is rejected at the Photoshop.com login page.The other set of credentials I created for Photoshop.com, is accepted.


            I am able to login to this forum to send you this reply using my AdobeID, but not my Photoshop.com ID.


            I leave it to Adobe to figure out why Adobe login systems are so problematic.

            I've spent all the time on this I can,  and more.