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    can someone help me with a very basic guide to animated gif with elements 11?



      I bought Adobe elements 11 and have been trying to do a very basic animated gif with it.I came acroos some instructions about layering,etc but still cannot get it to work. All I want to do is add two of my school photos together so that one suddenly vanishes and the one appears.I am planning to put this on my blog.


      The animation I want is the day time picture of teh school magically vanish and the night time picture appear.Can it be done with elements11(I wouldn't mind if someone can even do it for me so that I could deconstruct it later!).I have attached the two photos.Please remember ,my knowledge of phtoshop is abysmal and very very basic.My apologies for that.hence I might be need to be told like a 10-year old!

      Please help as I need this fast! Karen.

      TheGlasgowAcademysorted_2.jpgtga 150 years2.jpg