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    Video wont display in flash

    Carter MN
      1. Windows 7
      2. IE9
      3. Latest flash as of 3/1/13



      Flash is definitely installed on this computer. It works perfectly on Chrome. I have installed and reinstalled dozens of times.


      With IE9, the audio will play, the advertising links work, but NO VIDEO will play. I only have a black box.

      I also cannot access the settings manager located here:

      http://http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manage r03.html


      Some videos will play. Most, will not. It worked fine just last week. I dont understand what could have happened....all of a sudden.

      Active X has been disabled. Shockwave has been enabled. I am very frustrated and have no idea what else to try. I have read nearly every post on here looking for a hint of something new to try. Being it works perfectly fine on the same computer with Chrome, I am guessing it is an easy fix.


      I went to the setting manager through google chrome and moved global storage setting to unlimited. Nothing is working.


      UPDATE: I just found a different forum post that asks me to look at both an HTML5 video and a non HTML5 video. The HTML5 Video Did NOT play while the NON did play. I dont know if that sheds any light on anything.