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    Need an easy way to merge similar docuemnts


      I need some help. I'm looking for a plug-in or a program that I can use alongside Photoshop to do something very specific. It's kind of similar to stitching a panorama but not quite.
      I print out original line art, watercolor it and then rescan it and overlay the original line art in photoshop. This is a pain as it doesn't always go back in straight or the printing marginally changes the size. I want a program or plug-in that can detect that these images are similar and merge them together properly and precisely so I don't have to waste an hour on each image.

      Can anyone direct me to a program that can help me do this a little quicker? I would prefer a Photoshop plug-in but have been told one does not exist. Any other program that could do this to a docuemnt that I could then drag into or reopen in Photoshop would be great.


      This doesn't seem like that big of a deal (sitting in front of your screen fiddling with resizing and angling until it's perfect) but I seem to have a blind spot where it's concerned and it takes me forever to do. Any help would be appreciated.