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    Premiere Pro CS6 is Adding Horrible Hiss to my Audio... ?


      I've been working on a project for a while; I actually started this video in a different editing software and switched to Premiere Pro halfway through, starting completely over. I've noticed this horrible noise in the background of a few of my recorded dialogue audio tracks. It's very noticable. At first I thought something was wrong with my H4n, and the noise was recorded onto the original file; but nope. I opened up the original audio file, and it sounds perfectly clean. I have added a little bit of gain in Premiere, but that couldn't be the cuplrit because I still hear this noise without the gain. On top of that, the editing software I used in the first place didn't appear to have the noise either. From what I can tell, Premiere Pro has to be the source of this aweful noise... I have no effects or anything added to thesee tracks; yet it continues to haunt my ears. Any ideas what this could be? Perhaps there's something I'm not seeing... ?


      I find it hard to believe such a fatal issue could exist in a piece of renowned $800 software, but nothing else plays back this nasty sound. Please help!