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    Open .jpg

      Hi! I have an application made with director and flash. and what i'm trying to do is to open a jpg file on the same root then the projector and swf file. like "img.jpg". It sound stupid to me but I can't figure out how to do it, especialy 'cause the img.jpg is in a variable call selectImg within the swf file. I'v try a couple script like getURL("lingo: mOpen(\selectImg)"); but It won't work. any idea on that??
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          If I'm reading your message correctly, you want to load a jpg into a Flash .swf that's in a Director projector. Can you explain what mOpen does?
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            Sketch24 Level 1
            Hi! Rob.
            I just want to launch the file like you do normaly with getUrl in flash. I know that in lingo you have goToNEtPage but the jpg file I want to launch is local not on web.

            To help you understant here's the structure. I have a projector made with Director where I load swf file. Director is only the container of the main project. Everything is made with flash. But because it's in director some actionscript doesn't work like getURL("thefile.jpg"); so to make it work I have to convert the actionscript command to lingo like getURL(lingo:"goToNetPage("thefile.jpg");

            I can'nt figure out how to script it. getURL(lingo: ???????????);
            The jpg does'nt need to be open in flash just a regular app like explorer etc... like the getUrl normaly do in actionscript.

            Also I cannot righ directly the file to load cause everything is dynamic and the variable file name container is (selectImg). So normaly it will be getURL(selectImg); in actionscript. but how to in lingo???