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      Hey Guys,

      For an desktop application I need to select an image on a Harddisk and show it in Flash. This should be done without the use of php or java cause the computers wich run this program will only be able to open the flash-exe, and can't be connected to internet.
      The new reference object makes it possible to select a file but all I can read now is the filename, and what I need is the full location on the harddisk.
      Is there a way to read out the full location from this image, or is there another way that works besides the new reference object?

      Flash used is flash 8
      Actionscript 2
      Flash player 8

      If anyone can help me, or at least tell me if this is possible of not, than please.
      Thanx a lot.

      Ronnie Aerts
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            Ronnie_RED Level 1
            Thanx man, this works... but...
            Somehow it only shows the image if the image is on the same drive and folder as the exe.
            De program wil run from cdrom. Is it possible to select an picture from the c drive and still show it in the flash.


            Ronnie Aerts
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              you have access to every file in the same security sandbox as your exe. and that should be your entire computer and network unless you have some unusaul setup.
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                Ronnie_RED Level 1
                Your code works but only if the exe is in the same dir as the exe. So my execute is on the desktop and the image has to be on the desktop also to show it.
                If i read out the file.name var all i can find is the name of the image and not the entire path of the file. The example that is included with the flash software works the same.
                Is it possible to place my exe on my desktop and for example select a picture in my documents en show it in flash?

                Ronnie Aerts