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    Creating a connection to a mysql database


      New to CQ5.

      Version: CQ5_5

      Running a local instance on my desktop.

      Trying to connect to localhost:3306 mysql database


      I downloaded the mysql driver and used the instructions here to create and build an OSGI bundle.

      http://cq-ops.tumblr.com/post/21893960212/how-to-turn-a-jdbc-driver-jar-into-an-osgi-bundl e-jar


      Next, I followed instructions here to create a osgiconfig node, populate it and update my component jsp accordingly.

      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/developing/jdbc.html?cq_ck=1362183869402#comments-nf fb-unsuccessfullyspent


      On my page - I see the error message

      No data source found with name 'testdb' (after asking 0 providers)


      Any likely gotchas that I might be missing?

      If you have got it working and can just describe the steps you used, I could give that a try too.


      Any pointers are welcome.