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    Distributing forms


      I have imported a PDF form into FormsCentral, set the form to Open and selected Save Submission-Enabled PDF.


      Now what? How do I actually "distribute" the form? I.e. get the invitation and the link to the specific people who need to fill out the form?


      I've read the User Guide and it doesn't say squat about distribution.



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          kenc@adobe.com Employee Moderator

          For the people whom you want to fill out the form, you email them the PDF created by "Save Submission-Enabled PDF" . You will see their responses in the "View Responses" tab.



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            ofavol Level 1

            How specifically to I do that? What specifically to I click on to initiate the email. What specific steps do I take? Do I send the PDF as a link or as a file? When I opened the form in FormsCenter, set it at open and Save Submission-enabled PDF, did that configure the PDF I imported to the PDF you're referring too?


            Intuitive this isn't. I will very much appreciate your help. Assume I know absolutely nothing about this, and the supposed User Manual is utterly useless.


            Thank you

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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              On the "Distribute" Tab you can either click on "Save Submission-Enabled PDF" or "File > Save as PDF Form..." then choose "Collect Responses". This will create a PDF that you can save on your local system.

              You can then use your favorite email client (Outlook, GMail, Yahoo...)  to send this PDF file to the people you want to fill your form (you can also post this PDF on your website or put it on a shared folder).


              The PDF contains a "Submit" button which will send the data back to FormsCentral. Your filler will need to use the free Adobe Reader to fill the forms (see http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2653)


              Hope this helps


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                ofavol Level 1

                So to clarity: The only way I can send the form is to email it as an attachment?


                There is no way to email a link so recpients can download the form from FormsCentral, fill it out and submit it. Is that correct?


                Submitting the forms has never been a problem. It's the distribution that's the problem. If I have to email the PDF as an attachment, I'm wasting my money subscribing to FormsCentral.

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                  RandySwineford Adobe Employee

                  You can email it as an attachment or post it to your own website and send that URL to people. We don't host the PDF.


                  Have you considered sending it as a web form? Those are hosted on our servers and you can send a link to the web form via email.



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                    Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                    That is correct. FormsCentral doesn't send the PDF or URL links to fillers. You need to download the PDF (Save Submission-Enabled PDF) and send it (or post it) to your fillers.


                    FormsCentral helps you collect the data. Once your fillers have access to the PDF (or the HTML form) then the submitted data goes directly to you and shows up under the "View Responses" Tab.



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                      ofavol Level 1

                      Randy and Gen,


                      Thank you for the clarification.



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                        Neil Carver-Smith

                        Hi First time user, long time idiot here! I'm have a similar problem I think. I have the downloaded the PDF (Save Submission-Enabled PDF) to my desktop. But when I open it, complete it and try to submit it nothing happens.

                        Any help gratefully received.

                        Cheers Neil

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                          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          What program are you using to view the PDF? You should use Adobe Reader (or Acrobat), as opposed to a non-Adobe PDF viewer like Preview on the Mac.

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                            Neil Carver-Smith Level 1

                            Thanks George, that did the business.