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    Problems downloading an ebook

    anna salvemini

      Hi! I have a problem downloading a ebook on my device. I bought a book from an online bookstore and I have it on my adobe digital editions shelf but it does not let me copy it to my device. When I try to do so, it tells me the pc is not authorized to copy the file on the ereader. When I try to authorize the pc, either adobe shut offs sayin' windows encountered a problem with it or once I put the ID and password of my adobe account it says thet I cannot use on this pc an account that it has been usen on another pc. I used to have a hp and now I recently bought an acer so that I have a new pc and I'm blocked from downloading books I regularly bought. Why? Can you help me fix the problem, authorizing this pc or find me another solution for this issue? Shall I open another account? Can I do it with my same ID? Confused! PLS HELP! Thank you Anna