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    Help with Premiere to Audition to Premiere Surround Workflow

    FreakIndeed Level 1

      I'm a switcher from the Final Cut Pro/Soundtrack Pro workflow and am having a couple of difficulties with the Premiere to Audition and back to Premiere workflow.


      I've just finished editing my first independent feature in Premiere CS6. I have scenes in 5.1 surround sequences and I edit the sequences in Audition from the "Edit" menu. I do my surround audio work and save my Audition projects. I'm not sure how to properly get the audio BACK into Premiere though. Do I mixdown to a 5.1 surround file? Do I do individual stems and them repan everything to the correct positions within Premiere? When I import a 5.1 mixdown file, I'm getting all my sound coming from my rear speakers. Could someone tell me the correct workflow?


      I'm using the Matrox MX02 and have my speakers routed from the six RCA audio outputs on the MX02 box.