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    Page numbering book in CS6 doesn't work

    joop de regt

      I have a strange problem making a book in IDCS6 (mac mountain lion version). Using the manual I choosed New/book. Then one has to import the different chapters. Automatically the pagenumbering takes place. That is right with CS5 and CS5.5, but not in CS6! After the second chapter, chapter 3 starts again with numbering continuing from the page next to the last page of chapter 1.

      So Chapter 1 p. 1-10, Ch.2 11-20, Ch.3 11-20 etc.

      Contacting Adobe support we tried to solve the problem in several sessions, but didn’t succeed. The Adobe support in the Netherlands told me that they sent the problem to the devellopment team in India. This team reacted only with a poor “ follow the instructions of the manual”. That’s exact what we (Adobe support en I) did ten times or so with everytime new created chapters.

      Is there anyone who recognizes this problem in CS6?

      gr. joop de regt