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    Error when trying to install trial of PS CS6


      Hello everyone,


      I wanted to install the Photoshop CS6 trial, however both installation apps that are available come up with errors:


      With Adobe Download Assistant, after a few seconds of the message "Installing application", I get the error message: "The application could not be installed. Try installing it again (Error# 0)".


      With Adobe Application Manager, after the files are downloaded and extracted, I get the error "Installation failed: Insufficient disk space to extract files. Please clear space on C:\ and try again (EX10)", even though both on the target drive (which I've set to D:) and on the C: drive, there is plenty of space available (85GB and 2.5GB, respectively).


      I previously had CS4 installed, and uninstalled it before attempting to install the trial of CS6. I'm running Win XP SP3 32-bit on a laptop with 4GB RAM.


      Can anyone help please? Many thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          2.5 GB is not "plenty of space". It's simply not enough. Simple Windows metrics: The operating system itself will always retain a certain amount for itself as a safety margin, not allowing it to be filled with files, even if they are just temporary. Your D: drive doesn't matter in this case - unless you have set your system variables and user policies to have the user folders on that drive, the system root drive wil lbe used by the installer temp files. And even then there are always components that require to be on C:. Unless you seriously straighten out your system, it simply won't work. Refer to this:


          Installation Preparations



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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            If the C: drive is the one with 85GB free try installing all on the C: drive.  If C: is the drive with 2.5GB free your in trouble you need to free up space on c:... Downloads often downloaded to the C: drive and extracted to the c: drive that process failed it ran out of space extracting the install. CS6 install installation tree is 1.77GB there would need to be space for the compacted download plus 1.77GB. on the c:

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              wildetudor Level 1

              Thanks for your replies. I do have the 1.77 GB (+ another GB or so) on C:, but I have indicated in the installer that I want the software to be installed in D:\Program Files, therefore I doubt that a lack of space is the real issue, especially since Adobe Download Assistant also gives an error, which is unrelated to disk space. That said, I will try to free up some more space on C:, however hopefully someone will suggest something else I can try. I would have expected this to be a common error rather than something specific to my case