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    Reduce field size and space between fields

    Bjorn Kvinge

      Is there any trick to reduce the size of a field more than "normal" and the space between fields?


      I'm creating a form that looks like at table of 5 rows and 8 columns.

      Some of the fields is with list function, and they in special take more space than other fields.

      When changing the form layout in the web browser I could move the "listfields" to different places and suddenly I can for example reduce them from 124 to 114 that is the smallest I have seen them. Also if try to reduce the same field later it just pops up from 114 to 139.


      The space between fields is also annoying large when I try to keep this form as small as possible.


      Why am I asking for this?

      I know I can increase the size of the form, but I want it as small as possible for the smartphones.

      The "listfields only contains number from 1 to 9, so they can be very small.