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    Adobe Reader for Ubuntu


      Hi there,


      I am using Adobe Reader for Ubuntu (12.04 LTS) Adobe Reader is V. 9 4 7.


      On my Windows (W7) System in the office, I am using Adobe Acrobat 9. This allows me to mark text passages, make notes and so on.. I can save the document with all the markings and notes I made and I can open this document in Adobe Reader under Ubuntu.




      I cannot make marks or notes in Adobe for Ubuntu, even if the tool list gives me the possibilty to do so.


      The problem seems to be the "Document Safety Restriction". I know that the document is fully editable, but Adobe reader under Ubuntu tells me that I have no rights to mark or make notes.

      I also do not have rights for picking single pages out of the document. This applies also on documents I created myself under Acrobat (namely my own document where I did not set any restriction)


      Currently, I help myself with using "Virtualbox" under Linux with Windows as guest system. An Acrobat version delivered with a scanner is installed there and does its work without a problem, but I`d rather work completely under Ubuntu Linux.


      Does it perhaps have something to do with the rights under the Unix/Linux system (root or other user) or is this a problem especially related to Linux versions of Adobe Reader? I would appreciate a possibility to BUY a Linux version of Adobe Acrobat, but I assume there is none and will never be...


      Any help outside..?