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    How to do Rough Edits (Trimming) with out Rendering?


      I am new to video editing. Most of my experience is in audio mixing and mastering. If you've used one DAW you've used them all. I want to know how to do something similar to what can be done in Adobe Audition.


      I used to be able to import a file, say a .wav file, throw it in multitrack view or edit view. In edit view I can edit the original imported file, trim, splice, tweak and then save it raw as the same file it was when it was imported, as a .wav.


      How do I do this with video? I am making a documentary and I have so much footage already. My brother is doing the bulk of the real editing, all I want to do is cut up the interview in these files to the little sound bites that I want to keep for the documentary, this will make the entire process go a lot faster.


      I am using .MTS and .MP4 files if that makes a difference.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I would start with AdobeTV, and look over the tutorial videos on this page: http://tv.adobe.com/search/?q=Trimming&product_id=6&topic_id=&release_id=&t_lid=


          Trimming is covered pretty well in those.


          Good luck,



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            TRobz112 Level 1

            Thanks for the heads up I am going to look into those.


            My goal is to do basic trimming so I dont have a huge file to go through when I go to make the final project. I am working on a documentary that will be around 20-30 minutes long. So I have hours and hours of footage I want to cut down. My computer isn't all that hot either. It is a HP DM4-1160US


            Here is another question for you guys. I am using a Canon M500 and a GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. Both are going to be shooting in 1080p at 30fps. The cannon shoots in .MTS and the GoPro in .MP4. Should I convert the .MTS to .MP4 for streamlining the process? And will I loose any of the HD quality if I do so?


            This is going to be going up on youtube so it's not truly 1080p. Any thoughts?

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Given your source material, you're honestly better off not using the familiar DAW work flow.


              Instead, open each clip in the Source Monitor, find the stuff you want to keep and add those sections to a sequence.  When you're done, you can give that PP project to your brother.  He can import that sequence into his current project and have all the good sections to choose from at his fingertips.


              This has several advantages.  First, no reencoding of already heavily compressed media, each phase of which reduces quality.  Second, no exporting, which saves time.  Third, no exporting, which saves hard disk space.


              (By the way, YouTube is fully capable of genuine 1080p.)

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                TRobz112 Level 1

                Great tips man! Thanks a lot that cleared up a lot of my question, but I still have a few.


                So first off, your saying keep the .MTS and the .MP4 as they are, import them into PP and save the sequence, send the sequence with the files to my brother and they will open up for him already trimmed down to my liking - I get that. Here is my question.


                If for instance, I have one interview that has multiple segments that I want to use, do I import it multiple times? Or do I cut, trim and seperate?


                Also, When opening up PP, which templete do you recommend for this endevour? If the raw footage is mixed formats, but true HD which sequence setting do I choose? Again, it will eventually end up on YouTube.


                Thanks a lot for all the input it is helping me out so much!!


                PS. I am new to the PP Jargon, what is a Source Monitor? And also, when I import them an trim them up, do i do it all in one track? (Video/Audo 1) ?? Or seperate? I am not use to this kind of sequence, especially on such a small monitor I am more used to Music Mixing in Pro Tools and what not. Thanks again!

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                  TRobz112 Level 1

                  OK! So I now understand the Source Monitor that you were talking about! Your right, this is going to be much easier, but a few questions.


                  Like before, What format and quality settings should I use for my Sequence Templete? Or should I make my own? I only ask because I assume that whatever settings I select will be in stone, once I send him the sequence with all of my adjustments so I want to get it right from the start.


                  Also, as long as he has the files locally on his hard drive, they should show up in the project window at the top reflecting any trimming changes that I have made, correct?


                  Thanks for all the help you guys!




                  To clarify, if it even matters. The kind of stuff that will be included in this project is slow motion (720p 120FPS using Twixtor), Timelapse (GoPro 12mp rendered in Cineform in .mp4 HD) and basic 1080p shots...hope that helps!

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    Use a sequence that matches your footage.  If you have footage of different types, create a sequence for each, then let your brother sort it out when editing.


                    As long as he has the same media, he should be good.  You send him the project file ending in .prproj.  He can then import your sequences, which have all the select takes in them.

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                      TRobz112 Level 1

                      Ok. So if I understand you correctly. It can be 1 project file, with multiple sequences, taliored to the footage I will be importing?