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    version purging is not working

    maruthid Level 1



      1. When I try to configure wersion purging as below.

           a. Created osgi config node with this com.day.cq.wcm.core.impl.VersionManagerImpl pid

           b. Added properties

           versionmanager.ivPaths  string[] /content/dam/abc,/content/dam/def

           versionmanager.purgingEnabled Boolean true

           versionmanager.maxNumberVersions Long 1


           This seems to be working on one machine which is running on java 1.6_37 but the sae configuration is not running on another machine which is running on      java 1.7. We are using 5.5 sp2. Please provide what are the ways to troubleshoot this issue. Currently based on the Versions tab in the dam asset editor      window we ar saying versions are creating or not.


      2. Is there any Adobe recommended package available for purging existing versions in DAM?


      3. What is the use of DAm health checker? This is not at all working.

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi maruthid,


              Please file daycare to get a hotfix NPR-2087.  It should help to purge dam assets.

              OR you might have hotfix already make sure to install on other instance.


          The DAM Health Checker helps to find assets which are not in sync. However this is no longer needed from 5.5 onwards since we do not have /var/dam & /content/dam.

          However still retained in product & helpful if you integrated with external systems like Sharepoint,....




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            maruthid Level 1

            Hi Sham,


            I didnot install any specific hotfix in my machine. How can we see whether hot fix is added or not/ IS it someackage?

            I just installed only sp2.

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              vmehrotr Adobe Employee

              Hi Maruthid,


              Please check on your specific package share section page if that hotfix was already provided to you.

              http://<host>:<port>/crx/packageshare/index.html/packageshare/packages/internal/<YourSection>/cq- 5.5.0-featurepack-NPR-2087.html


              If you do not have it. Please file a daycare ticket requesting the hotfix including its dependencies.