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    PS 13.1.2 Update on Mac 10.8.2 - Update error in AAM: U44M1P7


      Hey folks,


      I´m getting a problem, when updating my PS 13.0.4 on my Macbook Pro, Mountain Lion, 10.8.2. The AAM brings an error (NR. U44M1P7).


      I´ve installed the Cloud yesterday, activate it, PS works fine on 13.0.4, but I can´t update. Other updates f.e. Premiere aso were no problem.


      Please help, what can I do?


      If reinstall of PS is the only option, how can I save the whole workaround with my presets, settings, actions (I have many actions) and so on. It´s enough to export my presets or do I have to save the actions f. e. separetly?


      Thx a lot for your help!


      Best regards